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Bass Synagogue Furniture

Building our Heritage
Sephirot Carved Walnut Shtender Podium
Curved Door Aron Kodeh
Portable Folding Bimah

Bass Synagogue Furniture

Bass Synagogue Furniture is the trusted name for high quality synagogue design, synagogue interiorsaron kodesh, bimah, mechitzas and other synagogue furniture design, production, and installation. Master craftsman Gabriel Bass has developed efficient artistic methods, emphasizing smooth function and elegant form. Working in solid wood, glass, and metal, Bass Synagogue Furniture creates pieces like elijah chairs, ner tamid, synagogue pews, and more without compromising on even the smallest details. We work with each client individually to ensure that they receive the highest-quality product, according to their needs and budget. Clients can rest assured that their synagogue will receive the best products and service available.

Quality: A vice holds a piece of wood to receive another joined piece


Attention to Detail

Gabriel and his team of Jewish artisans build every project utilizing the finest materials and unique techniques, which assures that the work will last and be appreciated for generations. We specialize in wood, metal, and glass. Watch our craftsmen at work in our Virtual Studio.

Courses: Hands carve an intricate design into wood


Learn From the Best

Gabriel and his team offer a full range of courses in wood, glass, and metal work suitable for all skill levels through The Jewish Artists Center. Courses focus on the individual goals of each student, creating projects that to be proud of while learning new techniques. Check out more information regarding our courses and workshops.

Glassblowers fire glass in the kiln


Israeli Businesses

All work is produced in Israel and supports the livelihoods of Jewish craftsmen. Our prices are internationally competitive, and we provide custom crating, air shipping, insurance, and service above and beyond. A percentage of BSF profits help support tzedakah causes in Israel.

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A Goot Voch!

Wanted to let you know that I davened in the Shul you installed the new Aron in Toronto and you did a beautiful job. Everything looks fantastic!

Mark Fuerst
MS developments

Work in Progress

Young Israel of Greater Miami – Aron Kodesh

Built in Aron Kodesh for the Bet Midrash was completed in July 2016.  You can view the remarkable transition of the ark wall custom built to surround the existing full length torah safe. The entire project consisted of design, production and installation of the Aron...

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